Past Projects

Summer 2017

Project Title
Project (pdf)
Sharon Chen
Asa Bradman PhD and
Rosana Weldon PhD
Investigating Challenges of Breastfeeding and Environmental Exposures from Plastics
Duyen Dinh-Dang
Carisa Harris-Adamson, PhD and Abdullah Khafagy, MD, MPH

Cardiovascular Strain Among Hotel Room Cleaners
Ethan Epstein
Carisa Harris-Adamson, PhD
Force, Repetition and Posture Estimations of the Distal Upper Extremity Using Surface Electromyography and Inertial Measurement Units
Alyssa Fabia
Suzaynn F. Schick, PhD
Does Washing Remove Thirdhand Smoke from Clothing?
Laura Fouquette
Asa Bradman PhD
Synthetic Turf Exposure Study
Heliya Izadpanah
Megan Schwarzman MD, MPH
Carcinogen and Endocrine Disruptor Policy
Geunho Kye
Justin Remais, PhD and Sophie Kang
Infectious Diseases in California
Aditya Palacharla
Carisa Harris-Adamson, PhD
The Impact of a Personal Monitoring Device on Postural Variation
Rouzbeh Rahai
Justin Remais, PhD and
Alex Shi
Potential Contamination of California’s Groundwater from Industrial Toxic Release
Marina Rowen
Asa Bradman PhD and
Rosemary Castorina
East Bay Diesel Exposure Project
Jessica Rush
John Balmes, MD and
Jennifer Mann, PhD
Effects of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Exposure on the Change in BMI Percentiles in Asthmatic Children in Fresno
Priscilla Zhang
Luoping Zhang, PhD and Pamela Chew
Detecting Formaldehyde Induced DNA Protein Cross Links


Summer 2016

Project Title
Project (pdf)
Maliq De Piña
Carisa Harris-Adamson and Venkat Venkatasubramanian
Validating Economically Feasible Methods for Biomechanical Risk Analysis in Occupational Settings
Paul Felix
Justin Remais and Philip Collender
Exploring Biases of Satellite-Based Rainfall Products as Compared with Ground Gauge Data in the Context of Epidemiological Studies on Environmentally Mediated Infectious Diseases
Tiffany Ford
Luoping Zhang
Formaldehyde-Induced DNA Damage in HAP1 Cells
Lydia Haile
Asa Bradman and Rosemary Castorina
Residential Proximity to Fumigant Usage and Neurodevelopment in 7-year Old Children
Erik Hanley
Charlotte Smith
Visualization of Bladder Cancer Incidence and Associated Risk Factors
Natalie Kim
OiSaeng Hong
Occupational Stress and Tinnitus in Firefighters
Mercedes Li
Brenda Eskenazi
Metabolic Outcomes of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: An Assessment for the CHAMACOS Women’s Health Study
Patton Nguyen
S. Katharine Hammond and Sa Liu
Analytical Method Development to Identify and Quantify Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Lauren Woyczynski
Justin Remais and Philip Collender
Exploring Robustness of Associations between Rainfall and Infectious Disease to the Presence of Multiple and Conflicting Sources of Environmental Data
Rong Xu
Luoping Zhang
Formaldehyde Exposure and Adverse Health Effects: An Updated Review


Summer 2015

Project Title
Project (pdf)
Aishah Abdala
Louping Zhang and Fenna Sillé
Early-Life Arsenic Exposure and Long-term Effects on Immune Development and Function
Dylan Avery
Asa Bradman
Chemical Exposures in California Environments
Diana Bahena
Brenda Eskenazi
Improving Health in East Salinas and South Africa
Natasha Borgen
Kirk R. Smith
Personal vs. Local Temperature Monitoring: A Pilot Study Addressing the Misclassification of Heat Exposure
Anna Costello
S. Katharine Hammond and Charles Perrino
Naphthalene Measurement in Fresno, California: Paying Attention to the Little Things
Abhi Ganguly
David Rempel
Designing 3-D Hand Gestures for Human-Computer Interaction
Molly McCullough
Michael N. Bates
Understanding the Health Effects of Decreasing Kerosene Usage with Solar Lamps in Eastern Africa
Kimberly Meyer
S. Katharine Hammond and Elizabeth Noth
A GIS Approach to Behavioral, Socioeconomic, and Pollution Patterns in Fresno
Kelly Nabaglo
Nina Holland
Associations Between Anthropometric Measures and Biomarkers of Obesity in Mexican-American Adolescents


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STEER was by far the most influential experience I have ever experienced in my college career.

Summer 2016 STEER Intern

It definitely encouraged me to go to Grad School; it opened my eyes to the many different fields of Environmental Health.

Summer 2015 STEER Intern

Yes, exposure to research and other grad/doctoral students gave me a better idea of what it would be like to continue to higher education. Moreover, this experience has given me more confidence that I could succeed pursuing a graduate degree.

Summer 2015 STEER Intern

Finals Week photo by Daniel Parks