Q1. What are environmental health sciences?

A1: The environmental health sciences (EHS) are the set of scientific disciplines that investigate the relationship between physical, chemical and biological exposures in the environment (including the occupational environment) and human health. EHS is a widely multi-disciplinary field, encompassing toxicology, microbiology, environmental and occupational epidemiology, exposure assessment, radiation biology, ergonomics, and geospatial analysis, among others. It should not be confused with the environmental sciences, where the focus is on the natural environment, rather than human health.  

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STEER was by far the most influential experience I have ever experienced in my college career.

Summer 2016 STEER Intern

It definitely encouraged me to go to Grad School; it opened my eyes to the many different fields of Environmental Health.

Summer 2015 STEER Intern

Yes, exposure to research and other grad/doctoral students gave me a better idea of what it would be like to continue to higher education. Moreover, this experience has given me more confidence that I could succeed pursuing a graduate degree.

Summer 2015 STEER Intern

Finals Week photo by Daniel Parks