STEER Program: Short Term Educational Experiences for Research in Environmental Health for Undergraduate Students

Interested in how the environment affects human health?

Spend eight weeks during summer 2015 (Monday, June 22nd through Friday, August 14th) working with a University of California researcher in a paid summer internship program. Gain valuable experience and join other students who are interested in careers in science working on research projects that could be important for future academic and career opportunities.

What you can expect if you are admitted to the STEER Program:

  1. A meaningful opportunity to work with experienced faculty on some aspect of a research project addressing the relationship between environmental exposures and human health.
  2. Participation in a series of seminars that will:
    • Introduce you to a range of research being carried out by EHS faculty
    • Instruct you on the responsible conduct of science and the protection of human participants and animals in research
    • Teach you about job opportunities in environmental health sciences
    • Provide you with some practical instruction in applying to graduate school in environmental health sciences
    • Provide you with an opportunity to discuss your research experience and present your findings.
  3. Participation in field trips to give you some experience of environmental health issues in the real world.

Topics for research projects could include, for example, one of the following:

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"I could not have asked for a better summer or better people. I think that through this experience this summer, I not only grew as a scientist but also has a person. I will definitely be looking to come back to UCB for a graduate program."

Summer 2014 STEER Intern


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